Do you LOVE what you do? Are you #passiondriven?

From The Passion Driven Classroom: A Framework for Teaching and Learning by Angela Maiers and Amy Sandvold

  • Passion is pure JOY.
  • Passion is focused consciousness that changes worlds.
  • Passion is my work.
  • Passion is contagious.
  • Passion is devotion with enthusiasm.
  • Passion is attractive. When you see it, hear it – you just want some of it!
  • Passion is timeless, it can’t be shaken from you and is what you live for.
  • Passion is energy with intent and purpose.
  • Passion is the engine that powers life.
  • Passion is an intense feeling for life, people, and everything else you believe in and love.
  • Passion is desperately needed, but doesn’t come from a “program.”
  • Passion takes time, but the reward is sweet.
  • Passion enables us to overcome obstacles and to see the world as a place of infinite potential.
  • Passion is living your life doing what you love. 
  • Passion is WAAAYYY better than Discipline!
  • Passion is gusto.
  • Passion is disruptive excitement. 
  • Passion is when our hearts embrace our thoughts.
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