Is your school district on iTunes U?


iTunes U is a free service available to qualifying K-12 public school districts, dioceses, and private schools, as well as two- and four-year accredited, degree-granting, public or private colleges and universities  around the world. About a year ago I filled out an application for a public site on iTunes U for our K-12 district. In less than a year we have managed to grow our iTunes U channel including collections such as App of the Week and itWeekly! We were even showcased in this article by Fred Sitkins, Principal in Boyne City, MI.

Why should YOU sign up for a K-12 public site? The reasons are as follows:

  1. Practice creating content. By filming, editing and publishing videos and podcasts, teachers and students will gain invaluable skills. 
  2. Bridge the home-school connection by sharing out all of the amazing things students and teachers are doing in their classrooms throughout the district. 
  3. Create courses for teachers and students to build a blended learning environment. 
  4. Communicate your message. Create a show with updates, announcements, tips and tricks, etc. 

It’s easy to get your district on iTunes U, but first you should think about your goal in having a channel. Plan out which collections and courses you’d like to have and who will be in charge of production and publishing. It’s important to establish a regular posting schedule so that your viewers know when new content is coming. For example, App of the Week and itWeekly are published weekly! 

Ready to apply? Click here to get started!  We already know that sharing and collaborating is important and iTunes U is a another great way to do it! 

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    iTunes U provides a wide variety of educational materials all in one location.

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    Just signed up for a full day workshop on how to write course work on iTunes. Next big education trend, my prediction.


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