Gaggle Student Rosters

I’ve been talking up Gaggle a lot on, but that is because having this subscription is huge and makes our lives, as teachers, so much easier. Not only does Gaggle offer safe social media tools, such as social walls, blogs and email for our students, it provides teachers and students with 7 GB of cloud storage! Teachers can also see their assigned classes on Gaggle and create assignment drop boxes to digitally collect and grade assignments without touching one sheet of paper! So, without further ado, here is another Gaggle Update for you!


1. Click on My Classes

2. Click on a class.

3. Click on Class Directory

4. View your class roster. The rosters will be updated regularly, so you do not need to move any students. Once the student is moved or added to NCWISE, they will be included in the next export and then uploaded to Gaggle. This process will take 24-48 hours usually, depending on when the change is populated to NCWISE.

Student usernames are their first initial last name last 4 of student ID and initial password is the same as the one they use for logging onto the computers. When they first log in they must complete the Cyber Safety Course before they will be able to use their account.

Now you can create assignment drop boxes with specific assignments for each of your classes! If you need assistance with creating assignments, please watch this video tutorial or contact me!

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