Gaggle App Update!


Our school district has been piloting the Gaggle app for a few weeks and we are really excited about the upcoming updates listed below. What I love most about Gaggle is that it truly solves the “problem” of the personal design of the iPad as it is being used by students in schools who must share this device with others. As I shared in a previous video, students can log in and out of email with the Gaggle app, upload images and video, upload files via WebDAV from the iPad and then access their digital lockers at home and on PCs in the school. It’s a wonderful way to go paperless and allow teachers to review and grade work with the click of a few buttons!

The upcoming Gaggle app updates will include:
-Blogs and the full DropBoxes
-Tapping an attachment in an email will now open the attachment in a separate view with a back button.
-Images will now appear in the mini document editor and will save back to the original file.
-Add ability to save an image from the Digital Locker to the local device (.jpg, .gif, .png)
-Add ability to save a video from the Digital Locker to the local device (.mov)
-Change Digital Locker “more” button to standard Action button
-Added a photo editor to the Digital Locker, when viewing a .jpg, .gif or .png file in the locker, tap the action button then select “Edit Image”

I’ve talked about using iCabMobile to download a Discovery Education video to the iPad’s camera roll and then having students use the iMovie app to remix the video with their own narration and captions. My hope is that the new updates in the Gaggle app will allow teachers and students to do the same!

Of course, a full video review is coming soon!

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