Safe Student Blogging via iPad

We love because it offers a safe way for students to blog, allowing teachers to maintain control over posted content. Unfortunately, KidBlog does not have an app for students using iPads in school. However, after doing a little research, I discovered that students can use the WordPress app to publish to KidBlog!

You can download the FREE WordPress app here: WordPress - Automattic

I enjoy using the WordPress iOS app when I am on the go and cannot create blog posts on the web. I can use my iPad or iPhone to moderate comments, create or edit posts and pages, and add images or videos with ease. Now students can do the same! Follow the steps below to learn how your students can blog safely from any iOS device…

1. Go to and sign up for a free Teacher account:

2. After signing up with your teacher account, log in and click on Control Panel

3. Click on the Users tab and then Add New Users (Jake shows you how to BULK upload here.)

4. Add a student user

5. Click on Add New User

6. Click on the USERS tab to view the list of student users in your class. NOTE: Sometimes if you use a generic login for students, KidBlog will scramble the ID and you’ll need that ID to log into WordPress. Notice how Student1’s KidBlog ID is actually student1140476. student1140476 is the username that Student1 will use to log into WordPress on the iPad. 

7. Click on the Settings tab and then be sure that  Enable native publishing via iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone is checked!


Next: Add the Blog to the WordPress App

1. Open the WordPress App and tap “Add Self-Hosted WordPress Blog”

2. Enter the student’s Blog URL, Username and Password.
The URL convention is:

3. Create a New Post

4. Add a Photo or Video to the Blog Post

Teachers can continue to moderate comments and posts at!

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  1. Thanks for posting this. I just came across yesterday and wondered if the WordPress app would work on it. Being able to use the app will solve a lot of headaches for teachers!

    • Thanks for reading!! I agree that merging KidBlog within the WordPress app is HUGE for teachers…especially those with 1:1 iPads. 🙂

  2. Is there an audience for the blogs outside of the classroom setup?

    • Good question! You can adjust post settings so that all visitors (such as parents) can view students’ blogs or keep it private so that only classmates can view posts.

  3. Is anyone else having trouble using the app now? The unique login usernames are no longer listed…

  4. Yes, I saw that. However, it still did not allow students to post on their iPods. Works on the iPad just using text, but no pictures.

  1. Safe Student Blogging via iPad « | iPhone Apps News and Reviews

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