Going Paperless with Ipads


Jenny Grabiec, the brains and vision behind our ipad pilot, acquired the grant for our class set of Ipads based on our promise to create a paperless classroom. Brilliant! Marrying a green intiative to a tech intitiative!

She chose the right teacher for this project because I actually feel genuine guilt everytime I put scraps of paper in the trash or recycle bin. And as a teacher, I know first hand what amazing and shameful amounts of paper are consumed at schools every day of the year. The cool thing is, using the ipads as our primary learning tool, going paperless is well within reach.

Prior to ipads, my students kept everything in a spiral paper notebook. They used their notebooks for writing and warm-ups, and also glued loose homework worksheets, returned projects, tests and other miscellaneous paper bits inside.

These items were the first and bulk of paper waste to be…

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