THIS is why I became a teacher!

I had the pleasure of working with ESL students and teachers at the ESL Summer Academy for the past two weeks. Students wrote scripts and rehearsed presentations on Human Body Systems and The American Revolution; two of the many topics that they have been studying this summer.

 The teachers picked the topic and set the objectives, requiring that the students select the appropriate videos from Discovery Education and write a script for their assigned section. We set up a “green screen” and students filmed one another speaking their parts. We used the FLIP Mino and imported the video clips into Adobe Premiere Elements. I then coached two students on video editing and worked with them on superimposing students into the Discovery Education videos. Super easy! The production was probably 95% student-directed. They needed a little guidance in using Adobe Premiere and repeating parts, but other than that, the students rocked this! 

Project-based learning in the classroom is a new endeavor here, let alone in the ESL classroom, and I am thrilled to kickoff this initiative with such a great first project! Obviously we are taking baby steps, so students will need to work on speaking up (They do speak 2 or 3 languages, so I was IMPRESSED with their English language proficiency!!!) and looking at the camera more often. We will also use next time so that students can read their script from a teleprompter to keep their eyes off the paper and on the camera! Remember, we only had 1.5 weeks to work on this project from start to finish, so just imagine what type of projects can be created each quarter!

They plan to present their final products to each ESL classs next week and the Chief Academic Officer will be in the audience!!!  WOW!

Our ESL students now have their own YouTube channel where the videos have been uploaded. You can view this channel by clicking on the following link:

The students and teachers had a wonderful time creating and we plan to do many more of these. Thanks for watching!

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  1. Han Kyi

     /  July 25, 2011

    what a wonderful project! Thanks for helping youths who may have difficulties in their secondary language. Be their star…

  2. Jefffrey Billard

     /  July 26, 2011

    Wonderful work-keep it up, and I’m sure it will pay huge dividends.

  3. techgrl

     /  August 5, 2011

    Thank you! I really love my job and the fact that I get to work with such amazing kids and dedicated teachers.


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