Jenny & Zulma take Philadelphia! ISTE 2011

Jenny & Zulma take Philadelphia! Documenting our 1st trip 2 the ISTE Conference! Video Journal Entry #1: 

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  1. Gwyneth Jones

     /  June 6, 2011

    LOVE that you gals are coming up north for the ISTE conference and are vlogging your way to Philly! But Zulma dear….kids still use encyclopedias the books in addition to a slew of electronic databases! (Sorry, the school librarian in me HAD to say that! LOL) As a member of the ISTE board lemmie say that I hope you get all you can out of the many awesome offerings at ISTE and have FUN doing it! Do make plans to drop by and hang out in the Newbie Lounge on the 3rd floor -it’s a great chance to meet other newbies & veterans, learn about cool receptions and events and make friends! Cheers!~Gwyneth JonesThe Daring Librarian


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